The project team would like to acknowledge the support of host institution Queensland University of Technology, particularly the Creative Industries Faculty and the Learning and Teaching Unit, for supporting the project team and the national symposium. We would also like to acknowledge the support of partner universities: The University of Melbourne, Auckland University of Technology, University of New South Wales, and University of Western Sydney; and we thank the postgraduate studies co-ordinators and administrators at each institution for their contribution to the understanding of their postgraduate frameworks. We extend particular thanks to the twenty-five supervisors who participated in the interviews we conducted. Their generosity in sharing insights in this new area of learning and teaching has been invaluable to our findings and to the resources we have developed. They are:

  • Francis Joseph; Welby Ings; Mark Jackson; Maria O’Connor; Leong Yap. Auckland University of Technology.
  • Ross Harley; John Gillies; Caleb Kelly; Simon Hunt; Susan Danta. University of New South Wales.
  • Barb Bolt; Roger Alsop; Kate Just; Rob Vincs; Bernhard Sachs. The University of Melbourne.
  • David Cubby; Christina Rocha; Mridula Chakraborty; Rachel Morley. University of Western Sydney.
  • Rod Wissler; Brad Haseman; Susan Carson; Jillian Hamilton; Jill Franz; Grant Stevens. Queensland University of Technology.

We thank our Research Assistant Dr Elizabeth Ellison for her professional and collegial approach to the project, her expert organisation of the large quantities of data we gathered, and her contribution to its analysis. We also thank our project manager, David Burgener, particularly in relation to his contribution to the organisation of the ESCARD symposium.